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Residential Service
Electrical Switches & Outlets

Whether you’re installing new appliances or remodeling your home, you may need to repair or install new electrical switches or outlets. Modern electrical outlets provide flexible, safe, and reliable power delivery. At APN Electrical Corp, we provide efficient electrical switches and outlet services to homeowners and businesses. We make sure your home is equipped with the right electric receptacles to ensure that your home is safe. We’ve developed a strong relationship with our clients because they know we put their needs first.

Electrical Panel Installation

Every home has an electrical panel of some size or type. As the hub of your electrical system, it divides your home into distinct circuits, each of which can be separately controlled. It is also thereby responsible for the performance and efficiency of your electrical system as a whole, and like other components, it can break down and require repair or replacement at some point. Whether you need an FPE panel replacement, circuit breaker repair or a fuse box upgrade. Without an adequate electrical panel, you simply cannot use electricity in the home.

As the voltage from an electrical line reaches your home, it must be evenly distributed throughout the home. Every home has a certain number of circuits, each of which ensures that the home has the electrical wiring it needs to run appliances, gadgets and other devices. Moreover, each is equipped with a circuit breaker that will shut down that circuit if the excessive voltage is detected, in order to avoid the risk of fire and damage to other parts of the electrical system.

The electrical panel (also known as a service panel, breaker box, or circuit breaker box) ensures that you are able to use electricity in a safe, effective and efficient way. The technology has evolved over the years, and that means it’s important to have the latest in electrical panels so that your home is protected. This is especially true for homes still using old fuse boxes. Our electricians can help.

An electric panel might look simple enough, but it is actually the gatekeeper of your entire electrical system. With a properly installed panel in place, you can rest assured that the wiring and circuits that control your property will function safely and properly.

Electric Panel Upgrade

Your home’s electrical system centers around the electrical control panel, or breaker box, located in your home. This electrical panel connects your home to power lines fueled by the utility company. APN Electrical Corp specializes in upgrading and maintaining these panels.

Upgrade Electrical Panel – When & Why

Electrical currents run from the panel to the various circuits throughout your home. Your total electrical usage cannot be more than the amp limit on your panel. While some panels hold enough amp limits for their usage, many other homes with numerous devices might be in need of an electrical panel upgrade. APN Electrical Corp can help you understand your electrical amp usage and find the perfect fit. Don’t fall prey to the leading cause of residential house fires with a faulty electrical system. Here are some signs that it’s time to upgrade:

  • Circuit-breakers trip often.
  • Sparking and/or popping when plugging into outlets. Loose wiring can cause this.
  • Rust on the electrical panel or meter. A reason might be water leaks.
  • Plugs that no longer have a tight fit. This could be a sign of worn contacts which are a serious fire hazard.
  • Switches that don’t work well, with lights going on, off, then on again. This is another sign that contacts are beginning to fail.
  • Outlets that are giving off any heat.
  • Lots of extension cord usage. Too many extension cords can overload your circuit.
Upgrade at an Affordable Price

As with any home improvements, the cost of an electrical panel upgrade can become a major concern for homeowners, but APN Electrical Corp takes pride in offering excellent work at affordable prices. Don’t mistake a panel upgrade as a DIY project. Let APN Electrical Corp address any concerns you may have, such as:

  • Electrical panel upgrades cost.
  • Other electrical service upgrades.
  • The difference between a 200 Amp panel upgrade and a higher amp upgrade.
  • Which panel upgrade permit do I need?
  • Can I do an electrical panel replacement without a permit?
  • What do I need for my electrical wiring home panel upgrade?
  • How long does it take to perform an electrical service upgrade?
If your house needs new electric panel installation, or you wish to enquire about an upgrade, feel free to give us a call on  (718) 360-0890. We’re available 24/7 for all electrical enquiries.